About the Project

Native Braids grew out of the idea that conversations about ordinary life bring forth discovery, intimacy, compassion, understanding.

When two people who know each other well sit down for a conversation, magic happens. We've recorded youth interviewing elders, family members chatting about old times, good friends swapping stories.

Native Braids was founded by Sheila Nanaeto and Tami Graham, at KSUT Tribal Radio in Ignacio, Colorado, and Independent Producer Adam Burke.

This project wouldn't be possible without the support and photographic contributions of Jeremy Wade Shockley and the staff at the Southern Ute Drum. We are also grateful for the guidance and assistance of Amie Hammond, Director of Media for the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, in Towaoc, Colorado.

Gratitude to Linda Baker and Daniel Rohde, and Beth McMackin of Athena Designs for work on the logo. Thanks to Matt Nager, for use of his excellent photo of Manuel Heart, and to Mihae Mukaida for her web design skills.

Native Braids support began with a generous gift from Richard and Mary Lyn Ballantine, of Durango, Colorado. Additional support comes from: